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Improve Your Office Environment by Flooding It with Light

Are you considering an Office refurbishment? Do you want a workforce that is uplifted, engaged and productive? Want to know more on how to achieve this? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then please read on while I highlight a relatively simple way to transform your office.

A great deal of case studies into the working business environment have now proved that the amount of natural light in a building is intrinsically linked to staff well-being. By increasing the natural light levels in your office, you can reduce stress and lower absenteeism while improving productivity and lowering energy costs. One excellent method of increasing the natural light is to utilise glazed or glass partitions when you plan your office refurbishment or refit.

Using Glass as An Improver

Glass has several great properties which make it appealing as a design choice in the office, it is low cost but strong enough to form a barrier when you wish to close off an area. It is flexible in that it can be installed in different configurations or settings and embellished with any company logos or motivational customisations. The standard glass partition combines an aluminium frame with the glass panel to form a product easily installed, whether it is a simple single glazed wall with standard timber door, or a four-sided glass walled meeting room with switchable integral blinds there is a glass partition to suit your budget.

The Different Glass Partitions

There are a number of types of glazed partition in use today from the standard single glazed partition to the premium option curved glass partition and they have a different level of acoustic protection. The main glazed partition available are as follows –

  • Single glazed partitioning – a great low-cost choice with the ability to add frosting films or logos.
  • Double glazed partitions – improved acoustic performance with optional internal switchable blinds for additional privacy when required.
  • Banded glass partitions – a great choice with aluminium framing forming an internal square pattern giving a modern contemporary look.
  • Acoustic glazed partitions – a protective membrane gives the highest level of sound protection if a quiet area is needed in a noisy workplace.
  • Demountable Partitions – these are moveable partitions which offer flexibility as they are easily dis-assembled and moved as needed.
  • Fire rated glass – normally used to protect fire evacuation routes or areas that need additional protection.
  • Curved glass partitions – this premium product which can be used to produce a statement area of any modern well-designed office.

Improvements And Upgrades

The standard glazed partition can be embellished with any number of upgrades or improvements. These include internal blinds or what is referred to as switchable glass, this can switch between clear and opaque glass at the touch of a button. You could also incorporate your company logo or brand using frosted film known as manifestations, these are applied to all glass partitions to avoid staff walking into them.

The doors to glass offices can be traditional timber or several glass options from sliding doors to fire rated glass to suit the needs of any design brief.

All good installers of glass partitioning systems should be able to offer you a full end-to-end design process and advise you of the best products to create the light and airy office which you will be proud to show off to both friends and customers.

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